Being Subtle While Screaming Loudly

I have recently been participating in surveys online for money. First, don’t panic. My blog has not been spambot hijacked. I signed up primarily for the site’s honesty, I was never promised a million dollars and I actually find solace in tedium.

Most of these surveys frequently ask questions about advertising, which is something I don’t think about particularly often, primarily because I live in a small self-made bubble called “no cable TV and Firefox flavored ad-block.”

Today though, I decided to pick up a copy of Wired magazine that I had read before, and actually took a fucking look at it.

Like, a real look.

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A Less Caustic Review

Every so often, amidst the rolling seas of mediocrity far out within the gaming industry, there is something new and exciting and interesting which commands immediate attention. Often though, these gems go completely unnoticed or suffer from a nasty disease called “indie for the sake of being indie.”
It’s easy to be grossly skeptical of everything that moves in these troubled times for the industry, easy to take good games for granted. One such game though caught my attention during a Steam sale not too long ago.

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English Lessons for English Speakers

Since the Fall season of anime, I have been editing fansubs. I am frequently asked if it helps me learn Japanese, or more about the culture, or more about anime in general.

The fact is, no, it doesn’t help with Japanese anymore than just watching anime would (which is to say, like an anime character, full force, etc). However, it has actually taught me more about the English language, and how native speakers really struggle with English in general. It’s extremely depressing that in this country, states can just make up whatever shit they want to teach students in their public schools. Naturally this means that unless you live in a state where opening your mouth to speak is actually beneficial (read: surprisingly not very many), children do not learn much of anything about the language they are expected to write, speak, and think in.

More to the point, English is a malleable, evolving language. When people fuck something up enough, the language changes to accommodate. At the same time though, there are still rules in place, and not being able to understand certain aspects of these rules is foolish when they are very easy to master.

Also, because of how egotistical we have become as a society, we naturally think that every time someone tells us that we are wrong, we tell them that they are full of shit. We never consider for even the slightest moment that the way we learned something was invalid or incorrect or archaic. “Well my mommy and daddy said that you’re supposed to say “on accident” instead of “by accident,” so it must be right.”

Yeah, nah.
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CL&Fuck You

I can’t imagine what it must be like having no power for an entire week. It would really drive me crazy.


CL&P has decided to learn absolutely nothing from their Irene mistakes, and worse, have been trying to prolong the recovery effort to next week so that most of the monetary damage doesn’t fall in the same quarter as the Irene shenanigans. Great company guys.

Now I’m not saying that every single town needs its own town-run power plant ala Sim City or something here, but damn, I think it’s time we take something that should be free out of some greedy CEO’s hands. Oh and I actually got this month’s bill. While other people in the towns surrounding me have been getting screwed up and down by CL&P in terms of both cost and lack of power, my bill was only $40. So you are paying 3-4 times as much with CL&P, and they can just not restore your power for an entire week because they feel like it.

Pretty great system.


How am I more mad than CL&P customers about this?


Haven’t been busy but I did add some art, make some videos, and started working a little more on Depitaph things.

Depitaph is the project I have been piecing together on and off for almost 10 years. It’s basically a sci-fi fantasy story that I would love to see turned into some sort of game.


I will eventually post more about it.

Vitriolic Supersonic

There are so many news stories about “trolls” on the internet.

First of all, I’m really put off by the media’s definition of “troll” as someone who spews vitriol online. That’s not actually what a troll is.

Trolling is a fishing term. The term is derived from this term, not a “troll under the bridge” type of troll. “Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.” How does this translate to the internet slang term? What you do when trolling is throw out some line that is not something that you actually believe. Like if I believe that grapes are the best fruit ever, but go to a forum about how great grapes are and say “grapes suck” to elicit a negative response from fellow grape lovers. That’s not quite the same thing as making fun of someone, or just being rude under the guise of anonymity that the internet gives. It is very specifically saying something you don’t believe to elicit a response from someone before they think about it. It’s to bait someone else into saying something they might not necessarily believe to make them look like an idiot.
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