Being Subtle While Screaming Loudly

I have recently been participating in surveys online for money. First, don’t panic. My blog has not been spambot hijacked. I signed up primarily for the site’s honesty, I was never promised a million dollars and I actually find solace in tedium.

Most of these surveys frequently ask questions about advertising, which is something I don’t think about particularly often, primarily because I live in a small self-made bubble called “no cable TV and Firefox flavored ad-block.”

Today though, I decided to pick up a copy of Wired magazine that I had read before, and actually took a fucking look at it.

Like, a real look.

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Haven’t been busy but I did add some art, make some videos, and started working a little more on Depitaph things.

Depitaph is the project I have been piecing together on and off for almost 10 years. It’s basically a sci-fi fantasy story that I would love to see turned into some sort of game.


I will eventually post more about it.