I really need to blog more.



I’m having a real problem with the constant 9/11 anniversary coverage. It’s just been abnormally hard for me this year to deal with personally. I remember the most minute details of that entire day, and I’ve been mentally reliving it every time I see another news story about some aspect of that day that hasn’t already been beaten to death by media coverage.


Perhaps I’ll elaborate more on it in the near future. I’m sure the “where were you on 9/11” blog posts are going to get done to death too. Odds are it’ll feel worse next Tuesday rather than this Sunday, though writing about it may prove to be therapeutic.


I’d been meaning to starting a blog for a while now. Expect some interesting stuff.

My main goal is to get feedback on various things I’m working on, describe what life is like as a politically moderate American, and rant about various things that interest me. Maybe even post a comic or two.

We’ll see.