Being Subtle While Screaming Loudly

I have recently been participating in surveys online for money. First, don’t panic. My blog has not been spambot hijacked. I signed up primarily for the site’s honesty, I was never promised a million dollars and I actually find solace in tedium.

Most of these surveys frequently ask questions about advertising, which is something I don’t think about particularly often, primarily because I live in a small self-made bubble called “no cable TV and Firefox flavored ad-block.”

Today though, I decided to pick up a copy of Wired magazine that I had read before, and actually took a fucking look at it.

Like, a real look.

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CL&Fuck You

I can’t imagine what it must be like having no power for an entire week. It would really drive me crazy.


CL&P has decided to learn absolutely nothing from their Irene mistakes, and worse, have been trying to prolong the recovery effort to next week so that most of the monetary damage doesn’t fall in the same quarter as the Irene shenanigans. Great company guys.

Now I’m not saying that every single town needs its own town-run power plant ala Sim City or something here, but damn, I think it’s time we take something that should be free out of some greedy CEO’s hands. Oh and I actually got this month’s bill. While other people in the towns surrounding me have been getting screwed up and down by CL&P in terms of both cost and lack of power, my bill was only $40. So you are paying 3-4 times as much with CL&P, and they can just not restore your power for an entire week because they feel like it.

Pretty great system.


How am I more mad than CL&P customers about this?

Vitriolic Supersonic

There are so many news stories about “trolls” on the internet.

First of all, I’m really put off by the media’s definition of “troll” as someone who spews vitriol online. That’s not actually what a troll is.

Trolling is a fishing term. The term is derived from this term, not a “troll under the bridge” type of troll. “Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.” How does this translate to the internet slang term? What you do when trolling is throw out some line that is not something that you actually believe. Like if I believe that grapes are the best fruit ever, but go to a forum about how great grapes are and say “grapes suck” to elicit a negative response from fellow grape lovers. That’s not quite the same thing as making fun of someone, or just being rude under the guise of anonymity that the internet gives. It is very specifically saying something you don’t believe to elicit a response from someone before they think about it. It’s to bait someone else into saying something they might not necessarily believe to make them look like an idiot.
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“Under President Bachmann, you will see $2 gas.”

Does that mean that the economy is going to tank all the way down to 2008 levels again if you’re elected? Why would anybody say this without realizing that $2 gas was the sign that our economy was AWFUL?

No Gridlock

For as long as I can remember, I have always rooted for the underdog. I’ve always stood up for people who have issue with standing up for themselves.

Recently, in talking with people who are far more intelligent than I am, it occurs to me that there is a very specific purpose for taking care of people who can’t take care of themselves. Perhaps in a way, it’s truly American: Help people who appear to need it, even if they don’t think they do. If you don’t help them now, they’ll need it later. And if they need it later, it could be expensive. It could be inefficient.

I’d been speaking recently with people far more intelligent than myself, who frequently push this theory on me that, it’s cheaper to offer social services to those who need them, because it’s less expensive than having to deal with them later. Logically speaking, it makes sense: Who’s going to want to spend money in a shop when they’ve just passed someone on the corner who is obviously homeless? You lose revenue. What’s cheaper, having insurance, or the hospital bill?

What does happen when you start asking poor people to submit to drug testing to get aid? Why is it that those who are already down on their luck get treated like criminals? I highly recommend reading this for some insight. Very infrequently do people realize the true cost of poverty in this country.

The secret to being “self-made” is simply to believe in reincarnation, and kill yourself over and over until you are born with the silver spoon in hand. If you are born into poverty, you have almost no chance. And even if you are born wealthy, there’s still a pretty good chance that the economy will tank, and you’ll finally be able to experience suffering. You know, the kind where you have to sell the big colonial house out in guido-land and settle for the 1st floor of the 2 family house in the 30% minority population section of town. And god forbid you have to apply for food stamps.