CL&Fuck You

I can’t imagine what it must be like having no power for an entire week. It would really drive me crazy.


CL&P has decided to learn absolutely nothing from their Irene mistakes, and worse, have been trying to prolong the recovery effort to next week so that most of the monetary damage doesn’t fall in the same quarter as the Irene shenanigans. Great company guys.

Now I’m not saying that every single town needs its own town-run power plant ala Sim City or something here, but damn, I think it’s time we take something that should be free out of some greedy CEO’s hands. Oh and I actually got this month’s bill. While other people in the towns surrounding me have been getting screwed up and down by CL&P in terms of both cost and lack of power, my bill was only $40. So you are paying 3-4 times as much with CL&P, and they can just not restore your power for an entire week because they feel like it.

Pretty great system.


How am I more mad than CL&P customers about this?